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Award-Winning DIY Home Security

Safely secure each window, door, and room. Customize your own security kit
with protection for intrusion, fires, water damage, medical emergencies,
and more. 24/7 monitoring by professionals
with police dispatch.

24/7 Monitoring By Professionals

Absolutely no contracts.  You choose between our Professional Live Monitoring or Self-Monitoring options.

Easily Setup Yourself In No Time

Our Award Winning Do-It-Yourself Security System is an easy set up. Designed to be future-proof & cost-effective.

0% APR financing available today
First Month of Professional Monitoring Free
2 year limited warranty

The Standard

    Designed for small homes and apartments. Sufficient for up to two doors and motions detecting for one room

      • 1 Operation Panel
      • 1 Pin Pad
      • IOS Application
      • 2 Door/Window Sensors
      • 1 Motion Sensor


The Select

Designed for small homes and apartments. Control your system with an intuitive color touchscreen keypad.

      • 1 Operation Panel
      • 1 Color Touchscreen Keypad
      • IOS Application
      • 2 Door/Window Sensors
      • 1 Motion Sensor


The Maximum

Designed for larger homes and businesses. Sufficient for up to six doors and motion detection for ten rooms
      • 1 Operation Panel
      • 1 Color Touchscreen Keypad
      • IOS Application
      • 3 Door/Window Sensors
      • 1 Motion Sensor
      • 1 Smoke Detector
      • 1 Flood & Temp Sensor


Easy to use phone application

Video clips are securely stored in the cloud and can be retrieved at any time.  Powered by the Alula ecosystem, the high-definition cameras pair with security and automation in one smart app. 

No Contracts Required

Enjoy our premium security without the hassle of a contract. Our systems come fully available without feeling tied down.

Stay Secure

Our reliable security equipment is sure to give you and your family the secure feeling you have been looking for.

Our camera solutions are the key to effective surveillance.  24/7 HD Video, WiFi enabled with Infrared Night Vision.

First month of Live Monitoring Free!

Security with the touch of a button

With the phone application, you can control many aspects of your home remotely. Including survelliance cameras, alarms, motions detectors and much more.

Home Security

Arm, Disarm and monitor your security system from you phone anytime, anywhere.


View you cameras from anywhere and keep tabs on what goes on at your house while you are not home.

Home Automation

Automate your home to be the smartest and safest that it can be to protect you and your family.

Real Time Notification

Get real time notifications when any of your alarms or motion detectors are triggered.

Have any questions? Contact us!

Our team will provide client services from the initial discovery phase to the design, installation, and programming of your electronic system. Let us exceed your expectations!
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