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Solera's Camera Solutions

Keeping A Close Eye On Your Home

Ensure the safety of your home from anywhere with Solera’s Camera Solutions. 

Indoor 360 Camera

Provides a full 360 view of the the entire area surrounding the camera


Doorbell Camera

Check who is at the door before you answer with the Doorbell Camera


Elite Outdoor Camera

Perfect for keeping an eye on your yard or any outdoor area


Ultra Outdoor Camera

Also Perfect for keeping an eye on your yard or any outdoor area



Always Recording

Video clips are securely stored in the cloud and can be retrieved at any time.  Powered by the Alula ecosystem, the high-definition cameras pair with security and automation in one smart Alulu Mobile app. 

Access Anywhere

See what your cameras do anytime on your smart phone or Digital Touchpad.  A simple and effective solution designed for you.

Backing You Up

A MicroSD card in each camera will back up the cloud video server.  Using our Alula Mobile app, download video clips to your smart phone’s camera roll whenever you want. 

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